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Veterans - (40 years and over)

10 MilesT Mayne4719.522011City RC Hull
T Mayne5219.592015VTTA N Mid
T Mayne5320.202016VTTA N Mid
P Heggie6221.412016VTTA Yorks
P Heggie6321.542017Team Swift
P Heggie6423.092018VTTA Champs
P Heggie6525.092019VTTA(NM)
P Heggie6626.142019Commom Lane Occ
15 MilesP Heggie6233.132016YCF 15
P Heggie6337.072017VTTA Champs
P Heggie6437.522018City RC Hull
P Heggie6539.492019City RC Hull
25 milesT Mayne480.51.342012Derby Mercury RC
T Mayne520.51.402016Walsall RC
T Mayne540.53.422018S Pennine
T Mayne550.54.052019BDCA
P Heggie630.57.522017Ogmore Valley Whs
P Heggie641.00.032018S Pennine
P Heggie651.05.082019Sheffrec
30 milesT Mayne451.07.432009YCF
T Mayne521.10.412016YCF
T Barker551.11.451996VTTA(Y)
P Heggie641.12.392018Mercia CC
50 milesT Mayne511.48.172015BDCA
T Mayne521.49.382016BDCA
T Mayne551.53:272019Shaftesbury
P Heggie622.04.022016Otley CC
P Heggie632.11.082017RTTC 50
P Heggie652.13.352018RTTC 50
100 milesT Mayne493.52.102013EDCA
T Mayne523.56.472016RTTC Nat
T Mayne544.17.222018Anfield BC
M D Shaw564.23.051994NMCF
P Heggie614.27.002015EDCA
P Heggie624.36.472016RTTC 100
P Heggie634.49.272017RTTC 100
12 hoursT Mayne44276.062008CC Breckland
T Mayne47271.322011CC Breckland
T Mayne52267.32016ECCA
T Mayne55253.942019Team Swift
P Heggie63212.292017Team Swift
24 hoursT Mayne51453.382015Mersey RC
Veteran W
10 milesC Minto580.24.301999VTTA(Y)
C Minto620.25.132003Rutland CC
25 milesC Minto421.04.041983DVCCA
C Minto441.04.111985Knaresborough CC
C Minto621.04.452003VC Chesterfield
30 milesC Minto561.19.221997Rockingham CC
C Minto591.19.422000YCF
C Minto611.26.472003VTTA(NM)
50 milesC Minto562.13.241997Pennine CC
C Minto582.16.101999Elmet CRC
C Minto622.21.252003Sharrow CC
100 milesC Minto564.54.471997Rutland CC
C Minto594.57.182000Rutland CC
C Minto615.02.512002Rutland CC
12 hoursC Minto43222.441984Welsh CA
C Minto44221.9351985CC Breckland
C Minto46219.5591987Western TTA
C Minto51213.3621992Nat Champs